My hands {making}

My hands are comfortable like this. In this state. It feels normal, natural, the way they are meant to be.
Covered in substances.
I know many people who would wear protective gloves and freak about the remnants of paint, glue, grout on their hands. When I was studying Graphic Design, the ladies in particular were warned about not getting a drop of rubber cement on them incase it rendered them baby-free forever.
I got it on me, I panicked at the time. A bit. I had 3 babies.
I lived to tell the tale.
I will always have working-man-farm hands, but they are busy, doing what they do best. And comfortable, I’m strangely proud of them for being such helpful and precise tools.

Hence today’s shot.




Ever, ever evolving sub-station {treasure, making}

I have clocked up 6 hours painting this little lady. Tomorrow I will be carving a stamp in the shape of a little flower – and stamp like a champion, adding another layer to this ongoing project.
Little blue flowers all over the place, then we’ll see what comes next.




A piece of Perth {treasure, collecting}

As I have mentioned previously. I spent some time in Perth celebrating the wedded bliss of a sweet cousin.
While staying there I was mesmerised by these sweet budgies looking at me from where I was staying. They were enormous beauties – and simply stunning. Australian Artist Anya Brock is the person behind these beautiful images. She has brought street art to a new level, and the woman uses paint brushes! Her style is very distinct and colourful – and just like a car crash, you can’t look away.

I went home, ‘over East’ and thought about my new love, a giant budgie.
For weeks I couldn’t get his little beady eyes out of my head.
As luck would have it, a limited run of prints just so happened to be available through Anya’s website. Score!!

So, I got me a lovely new friend.

Who’s a pretty boy?