The front steps needed disco {treasure, making}

A mirror broke. I didn’t do it. A paint tin did. No bad luck for me.

I make the very most of situations such as this one, as you see. I contemplated a design of my own, but in such a prominent position, I didn’t want to start using the back gate in order to avoid using the front stairs. (What I mean is, I didn’t want to *sigh* or *cringe* every time I arrived home, because my skills & ideals of coolness have changed.) So, I turn to disco – as we all should.

One step down, seven to go.

disco steps


The Dog {treasure}

The last month of Winter. Saturday. We all gather in the front room and curl up in the full blast of morning sun. Soaking in a week’s worth of Vitamin D in one sitting.

Cups of tea, pancakes and little people playing ‘stacks on’ are generally the way things go around here.

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