‘Odette’ {making}

I spoke to a young lady on the telephone. Her name was Odette. Seriously, this is one name I’ve never been able to attach to a person before, just a swan. It seems such a magical moniker. Otherworldly.

I tried to put  myself in her mother’s shoes. That very moment you are having a first snuggle with your brand new baby perched up in a white sheeted hospital bed. Staring into soul of a little pink faced girl – and declaring, ‘her name is Odette’.

This Odette has turned into a bit of a comedic kind of swan, full of whimsy, just the way I like it. 

She seems startled, or is it just the giant dolly eyeball I found for her? Odette is wearing a pearl necklace like all good swans try to do; the curve of her long neck and feathered wings don’t seem to make much sense – and that’s fine by me.

I used off cuts and scraps, and Odette was really OK to be the poster girl-swan for reflecting the wabi-sabi technique I tend to favour these days.


The greatest view {making}

Here I am, getting back into it all again; inspiration to create images of the gloriously mundane is no challenge for me.

My latest offering –


‘The greatest view’ 2016, Emily J Hogan. 

Reclaimed marine ply, glass, beads, mirror & gouache.
I imagine I find the simplicity of these images satisfying due to my ease of moving in and out of a fairly meditative state, on a daily basis. I need white space, and if I am in a position of being in the midst of chaos, which is a realistic summary of my work days – the switch goes off. Emily is officially off the grid.