Why mosaic? {making}

I’m not sure. I ask myself this question quite a bit.

I’m better at drawing, great with gouache.

It started by accident, has wavered over the years – 

but I keep returning.

‘Sweet thing’ 2016

There’s less control than using a paintbrush or a pencil. And it’s definitely a snail-paced process.

Mosaic has forced me to be patient, stay flexible, embrace the possibility of change (flicking  pieces off with a knife that have been glued down hard, when they don’t seem to be in the right spot) disregard ideals of perfection and forget all concept of time.

‘Sweet thing’ 2016

Slowing down is good.


Red & white spots {collecting, making}

As far as I am concerned, this is the only spotty colour combination that counts. The end.


Mosaics (making)

Coming up spotty (making, collecting)

Coming up spotty (making, collecting)



‘A Falling Through’ {making}

I made her in January.

A knee jerk reaction to Summer, swimming, and polka dots (of course polka dots).

I spent a weekend almost by myself, driving – which to me is my definition of heavenly. Driving my car, listening to my music, shirking all responsibilities for 48 hours. An amazing sense of freedom.

I bought some vintage dominoes, and I sat on the side of an ocean pool, dangling my feet in the water. It was the most beautiful day. I wanted to jump in with gay abandonment. I didn’t. I watched other people enjoying the freedom – I hadn’t come prepared. The water was beckoning. I have a reputation of rebellion when it comes to the costume constraints surrounding water, and have in the past just jumped in anyway. Clothes and all, This time I couldn’t. I was being careful, watching myself, and I had to get back on the road and continue my journey. The further away I got from this pool, the more I had to fight myself not to turn around and just jump in that damned water! I really wanted to, and I felt the conditions would never be the same, never that perfect.

Anyway, I carried on, and had the most jam packed amazing weekend surrounded by people I love, reconnecting with the city that was my home BC (before children). I ate, I drank, I was merry – and topped it off with an amazing haul from Rozelle markets.

Even with all that distraction, this image didn’t leave me.

I knew this was my next piece.


I had to sit on my hands until the festive season was over – there was a lot to do, as the ‘festive’ with extended family was happening at my house.

Every now and then I would sneak half an hour with this girl.


She still wasn’t finished.

After Christmas the ocean calls.

So, down the coast I headed with a gaggle of children, and m’lady tucked in amongst the beach towels.


I snuck in some time to stick the last few pieces on.


Then with an audience of at least 10 friendly caravaning kids. I grouted.
And here she is.



Nasturtiums {treasure}

A little lady in my household has a new fascination for vases and flowers. They pop up in little corners of the house. With no warning, no words. What a sweet little bunny she is.

Nasturtiums are one of my favourite flowers, never thought they were vase/jar worthy – a 9 year old has shown me they are.