Drinkies, anyone?

Sooooo, I don’t love doing commissions because it works out for only one person – and that’s not usually me. It’s a lot of time that we know truthfully, no one wants to pay for. I tend to steer clear and hopefully manage to create something that fits a number of people instead. Something for the sometimes clumsy, more so lady-like masses.

I have also tried to avoid the idea of alkie-hol in my images because my aesthetic is more coffee and tea loving moments these days, rather than ‘shit faced’. And for some reason glassware looks straight out poxy in drawings. Like something from the apricot and eucalyptus green loving 80’s. I was there. It was a challenge to find beauty in that decade.

I don’t know, you hit a certain age with a few too many beverage related stories under your belt – and suddenly I’m a one glass gal. I’d rather have a nice juice, give me a teaspoon and a passion fruit – then you’ll see my eyes really light up. (NB, All bets may be off in the summertime, then if I’m not running for a shandy, who even am I? It gets so damn hot here.)

Anyway, I relented. I tried to draw a lady looking a little bit bored with the champagne, if I’m honest, and more enamoured with the bubbles leaping out of her glass. I hope she translates, we will see – I’ll be printing her any day now. Stay tuned.


‘The look of love’

There’s always a hint of ‘Emily’ in my lino cuts. Always. This one came to me after a period of creative funk which can be a frightening concept when everything has been flowing like a river for so long.

I had been drawing comfy chairs while in the midsts of the funk, it was all I could come up with. Mid century chairs, with buttons, velvet or Featherstone-style.

Then, she came. With a hot beverage – a blue chair, her towel slipped. The ‘Emily element’ was added.

Let’s be still

Missing the beach already, and Autumn has only just arrived. The mornings are a little cooler – and any chance of feeling sleepily warm in the sun has quickly dissipated.

Sun on skin, soothing salt water, velvet sand, warm Summer breeze. Is it the change of seasons that have us missing watermelon, long hot days, sunscreen smells and permission to do not a lot? I think so.

Come back Summer, I miss you!

Festive feels

Whipping up a batch of Christmas cards. I thought of the part I hand over to another more patient, mature member of my family. It’s the lights, that predictable and most likely avoidable tangle of lights.

I bring you my Christmas print.

I carved this gal, then took her to the studio. She chomped up my ‘good’ brayer – when I inked her up. Dammit!

Banging brights or warm whites.

Ready for selling. Find them on Etsy – or email me.

Ode to Jeffrey aka ‘I can’t tell you why’

We lost our lovely friend Jeff. Our first fur baby, the sweetest, gentlest tortoiseshell in the world, she was old. I decided to put into practice the idea of a cat print, because when I draw an animal the first thing I naturally draw is a cat. 

The obvious connotations connected with cats and middle aged women came to mind.

And then of course the need to ensure the cat was in control of the situation came next.