‘Odette’ {making}

I spoke to a young lady on the telephone. Her name was Odette. Seriously, this is one name I’ve never been able to attach to a person before, just a swan. It seems such a magical moniker. Otherworldly.

I tried to put  myself in her mother’s shoes. That very moment you are having a first snuggle with your brand new baby perched up in a white sheeted hospital bed. Staring into soul of a little pink faced girl – and declaring, ‘her name is Odette’.

This Odette has turned into a bit of a comedic kind of swan, full of whimsy, just the way I like it. 

She seems startled, or is it just the giant dolly eyeball I found for her? Odette is wearing a pearl necklace like all good swans try to do; the curve of her long neck and feathered wings don’t seem to make much sense – and that’s fine by me.

I used off cuts and scraps, and Odette was really OK to be the poster girl-swan for reflecting the wabi-sabi technique I tend to favour these days.

The greatest view {making}

Here I am, getting back into it all again; inspiration to create images of the gloriously mundane is no challenge for me.

My latest offering –


‘The greatest view’ 2016, Emily J Hogan. 

Reclaimed marine ply, glass, beads, mirror & gouache.
I imagine I find the simplicity of these images satisfying due to my ease of moving in and out of a fairly meditative state, on a daily basis. I need white space, and if I am in a position of being in the midst of chaos, which is a realistic summary of my work days – the switch goes off. Emily is officially off the grid. 



Dry point etching

One of the things that happens when you are required to spend a lot of time hanging around the art room at school,  all in the name of work – is that my hands get itchy. I’m happiest working side by side with students. Lucky me struck a quiet week and a generous co-worker, who suggested, ‘make one!’

So I did.

The last time I did this I was 14, with a completely and fairly permanently stoned teacher assisting the process. Needless to say, whatever we churned out was fine by her. I carved out a giraffe. I was a bit taken by spots and twisty long necks back then.

By the time I had printed out some images today I felt a little bit calmer, a little bit wiser and a little bit taller. Another thing I can add wholeheartedly to my resume, ‘fully competent in the process of dry point etching.’


Printed in brown – black looked best. Discoveries made through repetition.


‘Walking on a tightrope’ {making} 

This is about the metaphorical teetering that goes on in life. Treading on eggshells, delicately inching forward, in a vulnerable and exposed stance, maybe there are strange feelings and butterflies taking over your insides.

The practice of meditative behaviour. The tightrope walker must pay close attention to both their physical and emotional state, as both situations are precarious and dangerous.


‘Blow it all away’ {making}

This marine ply looked as though it needed to be painted. So I did. The quiet today was lovely and welcome. It never gets old being surrounded in the studio by small folk sewing, constructing, all manner of hands busily moving while the words came steadily and slowly.  We talked about The Spongebob movie, potential dinner plans and how people, even adults can behave like dickheads.

Then she appeared. Standing firm in a storm, showing grace under fire – all that jazz.

I painted. With acrylics – she is a work in progress – as we all are. The glue is wet, so will dry to be kind of translucent in places, the nice part is that it is firmly in the hands of the glue – I’ll work with what’s left over, like a lucky dip.


‘The outdoor type’ {making}

‘Always had a roof above me, always paid the rent…’

Yep, that’s me – but I do love camping, so there Lemonheads! This is about not taking risks. I’ve taken a lot of risks in life, and passed on some too. Didn’t feel right at the time. That happens, nothing detrimental I imagine, I can’t help wondering if things turn out as they should anyway. 

The simple act, of tea in bed, the strange and snuggly feeling of wearing stockings on their own, (sort of like a human glow stick, cold around the edges and snuggly warm in the middle) hot soothing liquid comfort, not overthinking the day, enjoying the quiet – surroundings and mind, the gentle embrace of my favourite place. Bed. I’ve spent evenings like this. 

This image was a fast response to the creative urgency ovulating brings me. And even though I took my time to make this, it’s only once the piece is grouted that I think, ‘Oh shit! I should’ve paid more attention to my cuts and grout lines.’ And to this I say, screw it all! It’s done, am I going to pull it apart and try to fix it? No. And that is now it – move on. Risky. Oh yes.


Industrious {making}

Today was a studio day, the weather was glorious, the music was Brazilian chill, the dog was by my side, rather than her hysterical human licking obsessed self, the chickens were digging in the garden. The conditions were perfect.
And, there was a tradesman arriving, we all know how that goes. An entire day is wiped waiting around for the knock on the door, announcing they are here – just 3 hours later than expected.
My story was a happy one today, after 6 weeks of tardy arrivals, today 8.30am did really mean 8.30am.

I revisited this old mosaic and got stuck into the background with some black gouache. And I was instantly happy, I may have found my aesthetic. Finally. Mixed media. I love that this marine ply had been something else, repurposed. Then once the black paint hit the bumpy, flawed wood – I felt like I had finally found it. Something I would like for myself.


Then I started on this glass panel. This door is over 100 years old and comes from a sweet country town. It was brought to me, to love. Which I do. I built it into my studio as an exterior wall flanked by full glass windows.
One of the yellow panels loosened on the trip, and smashed into pieces. Rather than repair I decided to stick a clear panel into the space and set about filling it with glass bits and pieces. A work in progress.