A new project {making}

This was practice.


For something due to happen closer to the start of Winter.

The difference will be the medium used, and she won’t be so big in the next installation. (My feeling is, go big or go home – I’m making an exception this time.)

I will be using acrylic paints – and hoping ‘Hebe II’ turns out just as grand as this little lady.

Stay tuned…


The weekend {making, treasure}

I started drawing. I had found a tin of pastels given to me by my parents when I was just 16. I treated them like gold, and didn’t like the idea of sharing them just incase there might be an accident that involved one of these babies snapping in half. I moved to the side wall of my house with this tin in my hands. I opened it, remembering the feel of these familiar friends.
I spent hours drawing as a child – and it’s been a while since I’ve drawn something of this scale.

I didn’t actually mean for this to happen. It just did.

Eyes, nose, mouth, freckles – she must have freckles. I have freckles.

Them I added a flower, and another, and another. And then some more.
I love her. When the rain comes – she’ll be gone.






Hebe – the Goddess of eternal youth and Spring.