Ever, ever evolving sub-station {treasure, making}

I have clocked up 6 hours painting this little lady. Tomorrow I will be carving a stamp in the shape of a little flower – and stamp like a champion, adding another layer to this ongoing project.
Little blue flowers all over the place, then we’ll see what comes next.





Sub-station love {making, treasure}

My friend Hebe, the goddess of youth. She was said to be clumsy – this was her weakness. Well! Haven’t I found a kindred spirit? The clumsy part, that is.

Hebe reminds us to look after the magical child within us all. I love this message, our bodies age before us – but not much else changes in the great scheme of things. Experience and street smarts don’t vary our brain-age. Mine is anywhere between 14- 22 on any given day.

Here is Hebe’s new house, on a neighbourhood sub-station. I have plans to take over the world with this image, which first emerged on the side of my house. She is a work in progress – I shall endeavour to keep you abreast of how this all works out, the taking over the world part…