‘Blow it all away’ {making}

This marine ply looked as though it needed to be painted. So I did. The quiet today was lovely and welcome. It never gets old being surrounded in the studio by small folk sewing, constructing, all manner of hands busily moving while the words came steadily and slowly.  We talked about The Spongebob movie, potential dinner plans and how people, even adults can behave like dickheads.

Then she appeared. Standing firm in a storm, showing grace under fire – all that jazz.

I painted. With acrylics – she is a work in progress – as we all are. The glue is wet, so will dry to be kind of translucent in places, the nice part is that it is firmly in the hands of the glue – I’ll work with what’s left over, like a lucky dip.


Sub-station love {making, treasure}

My friend Hebe, the goddess of youth. She was said to be clumsy – this was her weakness. Well! Haven’t I found a kindred spirit? The clumsy part, that is.

Hebe reminds us to look after the magical child within us all. I love this message, our bodies age before us – but not much else changes in the great scheme of things. Experience and street smarts don’t vary our brain-age. Mine is anywhere between 14- 22 on any given day.

Here is Hebe’s new house, on a neighbourhood sub-station. I have plans to take over the world with this image, which first emerged on the side of my house. She is a work in progress – I shall endeavour to keep you abreast of how this all works out, the taking over the world part…